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26 August 2022

With ¾ of the area covered with mountains, a long coastline, and beautiful landscapes, Vietnam has many advantages in the development of golf. A lot of experts believe that Vietnam will reach its full potential to become "golf heaven in Asia", especially when Central Vietnam becomes the new destination for golf enthusiasts thanks to its incredible charm.

A Central Vietnamese golf course shines on a CNN show

With long coastlines and a wild and romantic natural landscape, the Central region is considered a good choice to build golf courses. And no one is ever disappointed with the quality of the golf courses in Central Vietnam, which is characterized by breathtaking landscapes and amazing services. Nowadays, this region counts 7 golf courses in service, including 3 golf courses in Da Nang alone. Among them, BRG Da Nang Golf Resort was selected on Golf Digest’s list of “100 World’s Greatest Golf Courses in 2022”.

The Norman course brings outstanding and high-class moments to golfers

Last May, BRG Da Nang Golf Resort was included in the TV show “Living Golf” produced by CNN, helping promote to international friends the image and potential of Vietnamese golf. BRG Da Nang Golf Resort is the first 36-hole golf course in Da Nang, mixing the incredible designs of golf legends Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman.

If the Norman course features standard elements and original vibes from the very first golf courses in the world, the Nicklaus course, on the other hand, is the first bulkhead golf course in Asia and is inspired by world-class golf courses from Florida, USA. The two golf legends brought unprecedented novelties and experiences, which sparked everyone’s desire to conquer.

Thanks to its special and unique features, BRG Da Nang Golf Resort has been selected to host the BRG Golf Open Championship, a professional tournament taking part in the Asian Development Tour (ADT) and running under the Asian Tour. And we expect a tournament with many joys, surprises, and successes that will take place at BRG Da Nang Golf Resort.

Let’s take a look at “golf heaven” in Central Vietnam, featuring on CNN’s “Living Golf”. Link.

Golf tourism as main sector of Vietnamese tourism

At the appointment ceremony of Vietnam Tourism Ambassador in 2018, golf legend “the White Shark” Greg Norman stated that, over 40 years in his professional golf career, he had never seen such a rapid and explosive development in golf as in Vietnam.

Vietnam has had 2 years of being honored as the “World’s best golf destination” (2019 and 2021) and 5 consecutive years as “Asia’s best golf destination” since 2017 by the World Golf Awards (WGA). The potential for the sport of golf as well as golf tourism in Vietnam is huge.

The Nicklaus course is the first buckhead golf course in Asia

Notably, Central provinces with ashtonishing golf courses like BRG Da Nang Golf Resort have a lot of advantages in developing golf tourism. According to the World Tourism Organization, golfers have 6 times higher spending than ordinary travelers. This would be a huge profit not only for tourism but also for the Vietnamese socio-economic sector in general.

Vietnam requires a coordinated plan to promote golf tourism, such as: perfecting the system of quality and class golf courses; creating a golf trademark; developing golf through various types of events, including professional golf tournaments; positioning Vietnam as the outstanding golf tourism destination in Asia and around the world; increasing promotion of Vietnam as a favorite golf destination; cooperating with famous golf destinations, such as Thailand and Malaysia; placing traditional local activities into golf tourism programs, etc.

Taking place from August 28 to September 2 during the 2022 Da Nang Tourism Festival, the BRG Open Golf Championship Da Nang will be a significiant event to develop golf tourism, widely promote the image of Da Nang in particular and Vietnam in general to international friends.

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