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Retail is a direct way for BRG Group to bring dedication in each product to consumers. We currently operate a chain of more than 100 supermarkets and stores in a number of brands such as BRGMart and FujiMart. On visiting a chain of BRG Group supermarkets operating as a Home & Food concept, customers have a multitude of choice of fresh food, processed food and high quality household appliances.

Bringing the world's best products and services for domestic consumers, BRG Group and strategic partner Sumitomo Corporation, a leading Japanese business conglomerate, opened FujiMart to provide the unique buying experience of the famous Japanese service culture and a diversity of products that meet all the highest standards of freshness, cleanliness and safety.

Realising the desire to bring domestic products to the global community, BRG Group has implemented a new purchasing strategy along with a cooperation policy with suppliers.  As a result, BRG has opened a subsidiary company named BRG Retail. It is the only enterprise for buying goods from suppliers, and it also plays a central role in standardising goods and services across the distribution system for the BRG Group's member companies. Now, consumers have access to high quality products at reasonable prices.

Through BRG Retail, Vietnamese suppliers of high quality agricultural products such as rice, peppers, cashews, coffee and handicrafts will have the opportunity to expand their markets abroad thanks to BRG’s global export network.

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BRG Group Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Nga - The businesswoman devoted herself to the community

BRG Group Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Nga - The businesswoman devoted herself to the community

With the mindset “Sharing is Happiness,” Madame Nguyen Thi Nga, BRG Group Chairwoman, and more than 22,000 employees have always prioritized community activities by focusing on sustainable business development and joining volunteer activities for the community launched by the Government and provinces across the country. ​​​​​​​ 08 March 2024


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