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22 April 2019

As a much-anticipated charity sport activity organised every spring, the prestigious golf tournament Swing for the Kids 2019 is in its 13th consecutive year, bringing further opportunities and hope for the future for Vietnamese students.

Over the past 12 years, the Swing for the Kids golf tournament has become a place for the community of domestic and foreign investors, businessman, diplomats and representatives of international organisations to show compassion as well as to meet and exchange ideas about life and work.

Along with them, many other organisations and individuals have been quietly contributing to the development of Swing for the Kids. These include CEOs, investors and golfers whose silent contributions have helped thousands of children continue their education. The golf tournament has made them more aware of their responsibility to the community, while also bringing them great pleasure because their business activities can have a beautiful humanitarian meaning.

Vu Khanh Linh from the Foreign Language secondary school in Hanoi, a student to receive the Swing for the Kids’ full scholarship shared, “The first time I received the scholarship I didn’t know much about this charity programme. I have since got to know that there have been many donors and the programme has also provided scholarships to support students in rural and remote areas in the country, and I became very impressed.”

The scholarship is meaningful to me as it helps cover part of my learning expenses and buy school equipment, books and textbooks; it simultaneously provides us with spiritual support through stimulating us to make strides in learning to meet the expectations of donors and the benevolents. This will help us to have a more successful life in the future. I hope to continue being awarded the scholarship from the Swing for the Kids fund in the next school year.”

The moving statements from students and parents at the press event, the smiles on their faces and the tears in their eyes are the medal of honour for the organisers and sponsors, and their tireless efforts shows in the upbeat prospect of a brighter future for these students and a better country where less young people face hardship.

The tournament is testament to how a good idea combined with support from the authorities and sponsorship from businesses can bring hope and light up the dreams of a new generation.

Businesses and golfers, with their passion for sport and an active lifestyle have not only contributed well to society from an individual perspective but also set a good example for the community. The meaning of this charity golf tournament has spread widely over the past 12 years.

Nguyen Thi Thu Huong - Mother of beneficiary student Vu Khanh Linh
helping students achieve their dreams
I am really impressed with the humanitarian value Swing for the Kids has. The event and its associated scholarship provision programme has not only sponsored underprivileged yet studious students facing difficulties like my daughter, but also extended to support students in remote areas.

This provides a significant motivating force to the students and their families. Despite coming into existence for a fairly long time, I expect the meaningful event could provide more ripple effects and support more students facing adversity so as more and more people get to know about the event and its humanitarian values. 
Le Thu Hanh - Teacher at Hanoi National University of Education
helping students achieve their dreams
This year is the fourth year I and my students have attended the scholarship award ceremony. From the perspective of an educator, we feel that the Swing for the Kids charity golf tournament has great educational significance. We regularly organise programmes to educate about ideology, morality, and lifestyle. I hope that through these charitable activities, the children can be exposed and inspired to accumulate moral values and lifestyles.

For instant, Nguyen Le Huong, a student of the Social Work Faculty who received a full scholarship from VIR, shared with me that last year she participated in many social activities. At the beginning, her situation was very special due to being an orphan. When Huong started the school she was 18 years old, meaning that her allowance and social protection were also cut. Therefore, Huong had to go to work as a maid to get more money. The Swing for the Kids’ scholarship clearly helped Huong to lessen the burden of life and have more time to participate in other charitable activities.

Another example is Nguyen Thi Nga, a chemistry faculty student, who after receiving support from Swing for the Kids’ scholarship no longer has to teach as a part-time job and can spend time focusing on scientific research. In particular, for in-depth research, chemistry students have to spend money to buy more chemicals as the school does not have enough. Therefore, I found that the scholarship from VIR has a very practical meaning.

Another student who received the support is Thuy, she studying in the geography faculty and so she often has to go to practice in remote provinces. This year, when entering the fourth year of university, Thuy has to visit provinces such as Thai Binh. The students shared with me that this scholarship has helped them a lot in their professional activities as well as in daily life. I hope that on every step of their journey, they can spread the meaningful message received from VIR. On behalf of my students, I would like to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts to the organisers and sponsors, thanks to these kind-hearted people, the life and learning journeys of many students have become easier and more valuable. 
Nguyen Thi Quyen - Student at University of Social Sciences and Humanities
helping students achieve their dreams
This is the second time I have received a Swing for the Kids’ scholarship. Last year, I used the money to buy a laptop to study, and to pay for tuition and living expenses. I had to work a lot as a maid, marketing sales, or waitress in a restaurant before. Thanks to the scholarship, I can concentrate on studying and have more time for volunteering. I can go to SOS Children’s village to teach and share with the children.

This desire comes from my own situation as I don’t have parents to take care of me. My parents divorced when I was two years old, and my father has his new family. Although life is full of difficulties, my mother always tried to give me the best things. After I passed the university exam, the joy was very short as my mother became seriously ill and died three weeks later. I alone pay for my living expenses and my mother’s debts, and look after our house in the countryside. The Swing for the Kids scholarship is very meaningful to me, helping to reduce the burden of life, and to meet other friends like me. I will definitely use the scholarship for meaningful things. I will try harder to become a good citizen.
Lo Van Thuy - Student at Hanoi National University of Education
helping students achieve their dreams
I believe I am no different from other students who have received Swing for the Kids scholarships. I will use the money to support my institution fee and my daily living in the capital city. For me, and for other students, this scholarship has not only material value in being a large amount of money, but also a huge spiritual encouragement.

We are so grateful when being supported with such a large amount of money. In addition, this scholarship also play as a additional driving force for us to put more efforts into our study, so as not to disappoint the organisational board, the sponsors and philanthropists. Currently, I am taking an internship course in Thai Binh, and I will use the money from the Swing for the Kids scholarship to take an English course to improve my language and communication skill.
Do Thi Tham - Student at Academy of Journalism and Communication
helping students achieve their dreams
This is the second time I have received Swing for the Kids full scholarship. I am really grateful and find myself very lucky to receive this support when there are a lot of other underprivileged but studious students.

This scholarship gives me the confidence to follow my dreams. I have used this scholarship to pay for my study fee and help my mother to reduce the burdens when I and my sibling are both in school age. With the scholarship, I also don’t have to work part-time so often anymore and can concentrate on studying and improve my skills. 
Nguyen Le Huong - Student at Hanoi National University of Education
helping students achieve their dreams
I am very honoured to receive the VIR’s Swing for the Kids scholarship. I feel very lucky to receive a meaningful gift from the organisers and sponsors. Currently,

I can pay part of my tuition and life expenses, and the path to fulfil my dream of becoming a social worker becomes closer and easier.

I will try my best in learning so that I can continue to receive scholarships in the following years. I hope that my efforts will achieve success in the future, I hope to contribute to society, helping others in troubled circumstances to fulfil their dreams.

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