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BRG Group has a great desire to contribute to the community by developing major projects that make a tremendous impact on the development of the country. Thus, BRG Group has invested and participated in the planning of arterial roads in major cities, as well as invested in the development of smart cities. All BRG’s major projects utilise the world's leading technologies and standards, and are also located at strategic economic regions of Vietnam.

Planning initiatives from BRG Group are associated with the stable development of the socio-economy, bringing great benefits to the environment, while preserving and promoting cultural and historical values. BRG planning projects are especially necessary in the context that Vietnam is experiencing strong development, thus causing inadequacies in the transportation system. The consequences of unplanned urban areas show that many issues are not solved easily.

The investment and development of transport systems and smart cities will bring more sustainable values to people, improve quality of life, add to operational efficiency and urban services, and especially extend development for current and future generations.

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Special offer only at BRG Rose Canyon Golf Resort

Special offer only at BRG Rose Canyon Golf Resort

BRG Rose Canyon Golf Resort – the outstanding new golf course beauty located in Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province, Vietnam, is expected to officially come into operation in mid-2023. On this occasion, a lot of attractive promotions will be reserved for the first customers to successfully register for a membership card at this golf course. 13 March 2023


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